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We are ramping up for the first hatch!  We are not quite ready yet, but we’re giving away a FREE exclusive skin for a Plains Dragon to people who sign up for our newsletter! Only people who register for our mailing list right now will get this exclusive skin! This skin will not be offered again after the eggs start hatching. Oh, and the best part? This artwork is being designed by our resident teenager who is helping us design the game! So get in now! This will not be offered again!

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NOTE: The Plains dragon in the featured image is not representative of the custom skin. You’ll have to wait until your dragon hatches to see the exclusive skin! We promise it will be unique from the common dragons in game!

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Every egg is alive!

In Dragons of Yahira there are no dud eggs. Every egg is alive and special! Egg stealers sometimes sneak into the hatching cave and try to take the eggs before the dragonlings can hatch. Will you help save the baby dragons from the egg stealers?

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